«Our vision is to enable high-performance cloud business solutions that allow companies with complex needs to focus on their core business.»

Our mission is to bring together today’s market leaders with tomorrow’s tech innovators to jointly transform their industries.
We want to enable easy and secure access to state-of-the-art technology for all firms,
allowing them to focus on their core value creation and regenerate their competitive edge.

What We Address

Time to market

Avoid risk and manage complexity


Cloud & Hardware agnostic

Fast respond to growing competition

Compliance and Governance


Security by Design


Co-Creation of Cloud Solutions

HIAG Data’s experience

  • Cloud Solution Fabric
  • End2End Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Solution Engagement Frameworks
  • Cloud Solution – Operational Readiness Program and market knowledge
  • Cloud Solution professional services and assets



Our partners’ experience

  • Brand position and market specific knowledge
  • Market specific skills and assets
  • Market specific distribution channels

Digital Service Fabric


With our advanced management platform, you are able to orchestrate your business solution end-to-end in a multicloud environment. We are offering cloud-based, industry specific business solutions together with strong industry partners.

Simplify. Optimize Time-To-Market

«When it comes to launching cutting-edge Cloud Business Solution and delivering an agnostic end-to-end service experience, we believe working with one partner throughout the entire project is the key to success.»

Partnering with HIAG Data means building a close, end-to-end collaboration  between partners’ teams and ours. It minimises time to market, building on our existing track record  for delivering complex Cloud Business Solutions swiftly and smoothly with our partners.

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We would like to inform you about management changes at HIAG DATA that will bolster the implementation of its strategic priorities: Hanspeter Tinner h...

Co-Creation of Cloud Solutions



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